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When you find the photographer you want to smile for
Rachel N.
You know he’s your favourite photographer when you can’t wait to shoot over and over.
Luna T.
Loved the shoot, the result AND the photographer! Robbert, the funniest, happiest person on earth, makes you feel 100% comfortable and brings out all of your best angles. I didn’t even know I had good angles until I met him!
Julie E.
Robbert Poel, the man who understands your needs! #Joppiesaus
Zoé D.
Gives the models food & amazing pictures. What else does a girl need?!
Stéfani B.
When you can be yourself with the photographer and act like a crazy girl.
Leentje J.
When the photographer has the same taste in music, you know you’re a match.
Julie R.
The place to be for amazing pictures. He brings out the best in everyone! Every time I leave, I’m looking forward to shoot again. I have to drive for 2 hours to get there, but the fun, jokes (and food) are worth it!
India S.
Stay close to that one photographer who tries to get the best out of you.
Lotte V.
He knows my good angles better than I know them myself. Absolutely THE BEST!
Kiani P.
Anyone can take pictures, but not like HIM! I can be myself and anyone knows that if the girl in front of the camera likes the photographer, the picture is even nicer.
Jill W.
I love working with Robbert, not only because of his great work but also for his amazing personality.
And we both love chicken nuggets!
Julie B.
The wine makes you feel sexy & confident … Oh no wait, Robbert does that!
Charlotte M.
How do you describe someone who is fun, laid-back, talented and a huge friends fan? Robbert, you rock!
Tess J.
From the moment I walked in I felt at ease with him. Amazing photos and fast delivery. Plus sweet doggies!
Laura H.
The funniest shoot I did! Can’t wait to shoot again, even if I live 2 hours aways from the studio, it’s worth it!
Clara W.
Food, friendship and beautiful photos!
Jolien K.
That kind of person you just meet for the first time and it doesn’t feel awkward. Great sense of humor, 2 very sweet dogs, and oh yes, the best pictures!
Aleksandra J.
Probably the only photographer who can make you laugh and dance during a shoot while taking awesome pictures of you.
Garance H.
He takes the best side (or maybe the inner bad side) of each model. Best shoot ever!
Lotte S.
Not only do you get some awesome pictures, but you also have an awesome time!
Lise D.
I always forget I’m at a shoot. Working with you is just so chill. We’re shooting, talking and I can be myself around you.
Also, you get that we get hungry and need food too!
Erika H.
Fun, craziness and always himself! It looks like I know him my whole life.
I always have fun with him.
Jill D.
When you walk in, you immediately feel comfortable. You can only make killer shots with a photographer like him.
Yanne S.
When a photographer can be your best friend! Funny, little bit crazy, super sweet and understanding, that’s Robbert! A photographer where you can feel yourself at ease for 200%.
Maxine V.
An incredibly fun talker
Girbe V.
Robbert is a photographer that immortalises such a sexy and yet so elegant moment in an image you will never forget. He doesn’t record, he reveals.
Alexia D.
He sees the picture before it’s taken. Being in front of his camera feels like home!
Ines D.
What to say about Robbert? Well, he knows what I want!
Kjenta L.
Good dry sense of humor, very professional, relaxed and not awkward.
Smiling is the key with Robbert, very different than most other photographers
Eva V.
A great photographer with the always perfect pictures and a great sense of humor.
Jill C.
Always joking around and made me feel like I knew him for years.
Nele V.
There’s a difference between being a model for a normal photographer and being a model model for Robbert.
Shannety L.
The collaboration was really fun and I immediately felt at ease. Doing a little crazy together and a good music taste. In other words: great photographer!
Elise D.C.
The shoot feels like a little party with him. Always so much fun!
Talisa L.